Trying Thursdays: Toddlers & Organization


So, I would like to introduce you to a new series on this blog.  You have seen it before, but I am truly taking it up a notch now.  Welcome to “Trying Thursdays”  On Trying Thursdays I will be reviewing a product or service we use in our house, as well as talking a bit about the “Trying” times we have with the kiddos.  It will be both informative and hilarious in the same post… how awesome is that???

So, first things first…the review.  I actually am excited to share this with you.  I am an organizer at heart.  I’m not a total neat freak, but I do LOVE planning and organizing.  So, I was blog hopping a while back and came across an ad on the side of a blog for a service called ListPlanIt. At first I was confused, do I really need a site to help me make lists?  Is this really necessary?  I saw they had a 30 day FREE trial (I LOVE free) so I thought, ok, why not see what it’s all about.  They do ask for credit card info as well as debiting a dollar and then crediting said dollar to ensure the credit card account is active (No big deal since they credit it right back).  I started browsing the lists and I was incredibly impressed.  I am usually pretty good at coming up with every list you can think of, but this took lists to another level.

They have lists you can print, and lists you can manage online.  I love that they have both, it appeals to both those who are pencil and paper fanatics and those who prefer the use of technology.  I think I spent 2 hours going over various blogging lists, business lists, financial lists, family lists, and home lists.  It is definitely worth checking out.  If you want to remain a member and able to get printable and online lists you pay just 5.00 a month.  This has every list from meal planning and grocery shopping to holiday events and financial dealings.  In my opinion it is definitely worth the 5.00 a month.  What lists would you like??? 

So, Now for the trying times.  Who can relate??? We are going through the terrible twos right now, well we actually have been for a while, but, now it’s getting “serious”  I have recently started sticking to my word (in other words, when I say “do it one more time” and she does it one more time, I take action).  So, I have been giving her “time-outs”.  They aren’t long, but wow you would swear it was the END of the world.  I gave her a time out last night, and all I could hear from her room was. (gibberish) “Nuggies” (more gibberish) “fun” (louder gibberish) “mommy”.  I am assuming her version of “talking back”???  Wow at 22 months we are in for a LOOONG haul when she get to actually talk in full sentences.  Does anyone else deal with gibberish back talk???  Maybe I can find a list on List Planit to help?

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Tell A Story Day!!!






*This is not a sponsored post, it is solely my review of this company.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I began to daydream about all the things I wanted to do.  One thing I wanted to do was to celebrate crazy holidays with my family.  Today is Tell A Story Day.  In honor of this day, after dinner tonight we have a special Story Time planned.

I love reading to my kids, and especially when my toddler picks a Baby Einstein Book.  The Disney’s Baby Einstein Discoveries collection has amazing short books that are easy to read and teach your child all sorts of things.  From shapes, to colors, to animals and more there is a book for anything you can imagine.  Sign up with the Early Moments book club and receive your first shipment for just $5.95 with FREE shipping.  You are not obligated to buy anything else, however they have an awesome auto shipment program where they continue sending you the awesome books and discovery cards (Think flash cards) along with the parent guide each month.

This is an example of a shipment.


Reading to your child helps them learn to talk, discover new words, and the time you are spending with your child is priceless.  Join us this evening and Tell a Story today.

From The Desk of “But Dad”



Every parent has a story about words that their kids can’t quite say right, that come out OH so WRONG.  Our toddler is no different.  She has a few words she can’t say correctly not the least of which is “Frog”.  So one afternoon she was dancing around us and singing “Fock, Fock, Fock…” I must add she is obsessed with frogs and has several.  She continued dancing around singing “Fock, Fock, Fock”.  But Dad looks at me and says “I wish she’d Froggin’ quit it”  – We laughed Hysterically!!! 

Rainy Days SUCK!!!!


Now, I know there are those of you who are gonna immediately wish to disagree with me here, and that is fine.  First, here me out, you might realize I’m right.

I use to LOVE the rain.  The sound, the smell the rhythmic way it can lull you to sle- oh who am I kidding?  Those were all wonderful things about the rain BEFORE I had kids.  Since having kids, rainy days suck.  I woke up this morning, wishing it could be one of those nice mornings when I could go back to sleep and sleep-in, the sound (or what I could hear of it through a fussy 4 month old) was for sure relaxing, but motherhood calls. 

These are my top 5 reasons Rainy Days Suck

  1. They make you tired, sluggish, and just wanna chill.  This was great when I didn’t have my little ones, even when my toddler was super young, now, I drag myself out into the living room and watch as my toddler spins circles around me… sheesh!!!
  2. This brings me to my 2nd point which is toddlers have waaay to much energy to be cooped up in the house all day.  Rainy days make for cranky kids, that makes for cranky mommy.
  3. I have not run into THIS problem myself, but, I know I will.  Canceling plans your child was looking forward to due to rain can make them even crankier.  Crankier kids = Mommy is going INSANE!!!
  4. This one has 2 parts.  Going out in the rain.  Toddlers wanna splash in the puddles, mom & dad just wanna get in the car and get going.  This is just a set-up for major meltdowns (from all involved).  Mom & Dad get upset because kids wanna play, kids get upset because they wanna play and mom & dad won’t let them.  Ugh.
  5. This goes along with #4 Getting stuck in an unexpected rain.  You know what I’m talking about, you’re at the park, enjoying a cloudy (but beautiful) day.  All of the sudden you feel the first couple of drops.  You start to think maybe it really isn’t raining, then all of the sudden DOWNPOUR!!! Now again, mom & dad are soaked and wanting to get out of the rain, kids wanna play in the rain.  DISASTER!!!

All that being said, rainy nights mean early bedtimes and relaxed kiddos.  Can it just rain at night from now on???

Can you relate to this???  What is your favorite and least favorite part of rainy days???

On a Serious Note


So, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about our vision and where we would like to go with this blog.  I truly believe that the very BEST medicine is laughter, and humor can make things that seemed impossible much easier.  Being a mom is hard stuff, being a dad is hard stuff. Being a parent of a toddler is even harder.  We have realized that the best way to get through the ups and downs known as parenting is with a crazy sense of humor, and more patience than one human could ever have. 

We are looking to build a community where we can share our experiences as well as learn from others by their experiences.  I realize that trying to “go it alone” is hard, and having friends to help keep you sane and bounce ideas off of is the key to a happy and successful life.  Please feel free to comment and share our blog posts.  We look forward to hearing from and talking to you.

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You Know You’re A Mom Of A Toddler When…

I was sitting here pondering what to write my next post about, then, it hit me…   So without further ado, let’s begin

You know you’re a mom of a toddler when:

  1. You hear a song on the radio you use to love, but somehow forgot the words to.  Then the newest song sensation from Disney comes on the radio, and you can sing it by heart.
  2. You look for ways to make “nuggies” (Chicken nuggets) include more of the basic food groups.
  3. Your house looks like a tornado went through a toy store 5 minutes after you “just cleaned”.
  4. The word “No” seems to dominate your vocabulary.
  5. You are mastering the art of translating gibberish.
  6. You have started leaving the bathroom door open, (seeing hands under the door is just plain creepy).
  7. Your idea of “me time” is a long hot shower (you get to close the door and not have to see those creepy hands) 🙂
  8. You settle most of the time, however, for a super quick shower before the kids wake up.
  9. You don’t dare use words like “going” or “Bye bye” unless you want to hear “Go bye bye???” for the next 10 hours.
  10. When you do return home, there is a steady line of clothing as your toddler strips back down to his/her diaper.
  11. Last, but not least, you find yourself with washable marker tattoos.

2013-01-22 04.43.291.jpg

Dealing With Tantrums

2013-01-24 11.43.121.jpg

In a perfect world, children would come with an instruction manual. and possibly 24/7 customer support.  However, in THIS world (wonderful as it may be, yet still imperfect) We are left to figure this out on our own.  Now, I know there a TONS of articles on tantrums.  They cover every area in the spectrum, from super strict to super passive, a while I will NEVER tell a person how to raise their child, I will say the majority of moms are somewhere in the middle.  Not super strict, but also not complete pushovers.  It is because of this I feel I can give some tips on handling tantrums.  Please understand, these are tips… ideas, not guarantees.  I try to use these, but I also find myself either giving in at times, or being more strict other times.  I’m human, “But Dad” is human, YOU are human… cut yourself some slack, but do try these tips (when you think of it).

  • Control the situation BEFORE it get out of hand.  This is one I tend to have trouble with.  I always want to give Kira the benefit of the doubt.  The 3 strike rule if you will, except, there is no clear definition (in my mind anyway) or what counts as a “strike”.  I have been trying to do better though at not letting her get too out of hand.  This is also especially important when you are out and about.  Getting a hold of the child before they hurt themselves, or run away from you is a MUST!!!
  • Time-out. This is one we try to use often when Kira pushes our buttons.  She knows certain things are NOT allowed and she tends to do them often.  We use her old pack n play as her “Time Out box”.  The purpose is to calm the child down, they WILL cry, depending on the age they may not even understand the whole “think about what you’ve done” routine we normally associate with a typical time out, but that is okay.  Once they are calm, then they can come out and try it again.
  • Consistency. This is another big one.  Staying consistent (which can be hard for some of us) will help children learn what is and what is not acceptable.  If you are inconsistent even 1 time, the child will sense that and you will have a battle of wills on your hands until you again establish consistency.


I have read and heard all of these before, and they do work (some of the time).  I also find these tips are good for avoiding tantrums all together.

  • Know their schedule.  This means, feed them BEFORE they get beyond hungry, make sure they get naps and don’t try to push their schedule to include more than they can handle.  We have recently been very busy with play dates and Dr appointments and family events, one thing we do is allowing the child to sleep in the car, and sleep until they wake up.  We may do a play date late morning, and then have a Dr appointment later that afternoon.  If it doesn’t involve the child, they get to sleep through it.  For some of you this would be easier, as the child would stay home with the other parent or a babysitter, however since I don’t drive, Nick stays in the car with whichever kid(s) isn’t involved, and lets them sleep.
  • Plan a fun activity when you will need them occupied.  This means, when I need to research or write a blog post, my daughter is usually doing something fun that she doesn’t always get to do.  Right now this usually means coloring with washable markers in her high chair.  It keeps her busy, and she doesn’t feel left out or neglected.
  • Spend time with them.  If you don’t spend time with them, they WILL act up.  They WANT your attention.  I try to carve out some time in the morning AND time in the afternoon to spend playing whatever Kira wants.  Some days it is reading, some days it’s playing with her baby, or her farm, and some days it is watching an episode of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.  But whatever we are doing, it is me and her spending time together.


I hope these tips help you when dealing with tantrums.  My final tip here is take some “Me time”.  When you feel relaxed, your child will sense this and that will show in how they act.  I promise if you are stressed, they will use that against you.

How do YOU deal with tantrums???  Comment and tell us below.