Trying Thursdays: Toddlers & Organization


So, I would like to introduce you to a new series on this blog.  You have seen it before, but I am truly taking it up a notch now.  Welcome to “Trying Thursdays”  On Trying Thursdays I will be reviewing a product or service we use in our house, as well as talking a bit about the “Trying” times we have with the kiddos.  It will be both informative and hilarious in the same post… how awesome is that???

So, first things first…the review.  I actually am excited to share this with you.  I am an organizer at heart.  I’m not a total neat freak, but I do LOVE planning and organizing.  So, I was blog hopping a while back and came across an ad on the side of a blog for a service called ListPlanIt. At first I was confused, do I really need a site to help me make lists?  Is this really necessary?  I saw they had a 30 day FREE trial (I LOVE free) so I thought, ok, why not see what it’s all about.  They do ask for credit card info as well as debiting a dollar and then crediting said dollar to ensure the credit card account is active (No big deal since they credit it right back).  I started browsing the lists and I was incredibly impressed.  I am usually pretty good at coming up with every list you can think of, but this took lists to another level.

They have lists you can print, and lists you can manage online.  I love that they have both, it appeals to both those who are pencil and paper fanatics and those who prefer the use of technology.  I think I spent 2 hours going over various blogging lists, business lists, financial lists, family lists, and home lists.  It is definitely worth checking out.  If you want to remain a member and able to get printable and online lists you pay just 5.00 a month.  This has every list from meal planning and grocery shopping to holiday events and financial dealings.  In my opinion it is definitely worth the 5.00 a month.  What lists would you like??? 

So, Now for the trying times.  Who can relate??? We are going through the terrible twos right now, well we actually have been for a while, but, now it’s getting “serious”  I have recently started sticking to my word (in other words, when I say “do it one more time” and she does it one more time, I take action).  So, I have been giving her “time-outs”.  They aren’t long, but wow you would swear it was the END of the world.  I gave her a time out last night, and all I could hear from her room was. (gibberish) “Nuggies” (more gibberish) “fun” (louder gibberish) “mommy”.  I am assuming her version of “talking back”???  Wow at 22 months we are in for a LOOONG haul when she get to actually talk in full sentences.  Does anyone else deal with gibberish back talk???  Maybe I can find a list on List Planit to help?

*This was NOT a sponsored post.  I received No compensation for this post, it was solely my own review for my readers enjoyment and information.