Top 5 Tuesdays: Reasons I Love May


May is a wonderful month.  I have reasons to love each and every month, so here are my top 5 reasons why I love May.

  1. The weather is getting warmer and we can finally get outside.
  2. BBQ (need I say more?)
  3. Indy 500 party… I’ll explain more about this in a later post.
  4. Mother’s Day ūüôā
  5. Memorial Day, a day to remember those who have fallen to protect our freedom.

What are your favorite things about May???


Accepting Where You Are In Life: The Apartment Edition


I am super excited to be writing this blog post, it is something that is helping me with where we are at in life right now.  I like to think of myself as one who puts people, relationships, and responsibilities before material possessions, but I must admit, I am human and once in a while something will happen that will make me desire that which I do not have (at this moment anyway) and I tend to lose focus.  This is not something I am proud of, and I have spent several days arguing with myself over being content where we are.

So, that brings me to a new place in life, and YOU, my dear readers, get to see it all happen. ¬†I am embarking on a journey to make our (small, but suitable) apartment livable. ¬†I have went round and round in my head about moving, renting a house, trying to BUY a house, or a lease to own option, I just can’t help but shake the feeling THIS is where we are meant to be. ¬†I pouted for a few days when I thought of the kids not having a backyard, and still carrying groceries up the stairs… but, I finally came to grips with it, and this is where I am. ¬†Trying to make the best of things, I have a running list of projects that I’m going to be working on to get this place functional for our family of 4.

Here are a few of the projects:

Play-mat for the deck outside

Pantry makeover turning our coat closet into a pantry

Kitchen reorganization

and probably not last and CERTAINLY not least A master bedroom makeover.

I’m excited to see how these projects turn out, and I also have a goal of spending the least amount possible to do each project. ¬†Hopefully I’ll have some great “how to” posts in the near future too.

Have you lived in an apartment?  What did you do to make it more functional?

I Got Nominated!!!! (EEEEEEK)


So, my already A-MAY-ZING Friday, has gotten 1,000 times better.  Today I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the A-MAY-ZING Mary at The Queen of a Home. (Insert total ear-drum shattering shriek here). Thank you, my dear, for the nomination it is truly an honor, and I look forward to networking with you in the future. (Insert, yet another ear-drum shattering shriek while jumping up and down).

Some of you I am sure have heard of the Liebster Award, and some may even know what it is, but for those who don’t, allow me to explain. The word “Liebster” is German for “beloved” or “favorite”. ¬†The Liebster Award was created to help blogs with less than 200 followers gain some attention. ¬†It is a great award with definite “bragging rights” and I am honored to accept.

So how does one get nominated and/or accept this award??? ¬†It’s simple, once you have been nominated, you must follow these 4 steps:

  1. Mention your nomination in a post (like this one) thanking the person who nominated you.
  2. Nominate 11 blogs you think are worthy of the Liebster Award.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked (in your blog post)
  4. Ask your own questions to those you nominated.


So without further ado, let’s get right to it. ¬†The blogs I am nominating for the Liebster Award are:

  1. Letters to my Unborn Child (Brently)
  2. SuperHeros in Jammies (Stephanie)
  3. GamerMom v1.0 (Cathe)
  4. Adventures With Megan (Megan)
  5. Five Small Changes 
  6. My Salt, His Light
  7. A Town Girls Life (Sarah)
  8. Sweat Is The Answer (Neringa)
  9. Makeshift Margaritas (Morgan)
  10. Grace, Lace, and Iron (Julie)
  11. Eazy Peazy Mealz (Racheal)


So there are my nominees. ¬†I will readily admit some MAY have more than 200 followers, it’s a bit hard to tell between all the social media & the blog itself, however these blogs I feel TRULY deserve this. ¬†Please know your blogs have all impacted me in some way and I wish you all the best of luck in you future.


Now to answer the questions 

1. what is your favourite Memory? 

My favorite memory would have to be the first time my older daughter (the toddler) noticed the baby. ¬†She said hi to her tried to say her name although Brianna came out “nana” and gave her a kiss. ¬†My heart melted at that very moment.

2. do you prefer the tv or a book?

Ha ha… this is a good question with a funny answer. ¬†We don’t watch much tv in this house, and I also read mostly magazines, or blogs… lol. ¬†I would say they both are great and have there place, and… do Dr Seuss books count???

3. what colour is most relaxing to you?

Blue. For sure.

4. do you have a hobby?

Does changing diapers, and blowing bubbles count??? ¬†Lol ¬†I blog as my “hobby/job” ūüôā

5. do you have  pet?

We do.  We have a dog named Capone.  

6. what was your favourite subject in school?

Music.  I love music and my kids do too.

7. why do you blog?

I blog in hopes that I can share something with someone that helps them in life. ¬†I blog because I love to write. ¬†I blog because it’s fun. I blog because it’s an accomplishment.

8. what’s your favourite meal?

Fettuccine Alfredo (YUM)

9. favourite movie is?

To many great ones to have a favorite, but I liked Disney’s Cars, Frozen, and The Little Mermaid. ¬†Wall-E and UP both made me cry… lol. As far as a more PG-13 movie… lol ¬†John Q is amazing.

10. what is your truest passion?

My Truest passion is definitely my family.

11.what makes you most happy?

Seeing my family happy and taken care of.


Now for the questions for those I nominated:

  1. What is your favorite smell?
  2. Where do you see yourself this time next year?
  3. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? (Just kidding)
  4. Ok, seriously (well as serious as this blog gets anyway) What is one cause you support & believe in?
  5. What is your favorite blog post you have written?
  6. What is your favorite season?
  7. Rain or Snow?
  8. What is your favorite sandwich?
  9. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  10. Favorite vacation spot?
  11. Favorite SuperHero?
  12. (since #3 doesn’t count) What is the best part of blogging?

Thank You again Mary, for the nomination.  This has been an A-MAY-ZING Friday.  Looking forward to hearing from all the nominated bloggers.

Fantastic Fridays: National BBQ Month


It’s Fantastic Friday!!! ¬†This Friday I want to talk about National BBQ month. ¬†Who doesn’t LOVE BBQ??? ¬†No matter what your preferences there is always something for everyone at a BBQ. ¬†This month, The Adventures of “But Mom” needs YOUR help. ¬†We are looking for your VERY best Original BBQ creations. ¬†Would you like to help us out??? ¬†Head over to our Facebook page for more information.¬†

We will feature all recipes submitted, once a week in our ‘This Weeks BBQ Picks” blog post. ¬†We look forward to your recipes.

Trying Thursdays: Toddlers & Organization


So, I would like to introduce you to a new series on this blog. ¬†You have seen it before, but I am truly taking it up a notch now. ¬†Welcome to “Trying Thursdays” ¬†On Trying Thursdays I will be reviewing a product or service we use in our house, as well as talking a bit about the “Trying” times we have with the kiddos. ¬†It will be both informative and hilarious in the same post… how awesome is that???

So, first things first…the review. ¬†I actually am excited to share this with you. ¬†I am an organizer at heart. ¬†I’m not a total neat freak, but I do LOVE planning and organizing. ¬†So, I was blog hopping a while back and came across an ad on the side of a blog for a service called ListPlanIt. At first I was confused, do I really need a site to help me make lists? ¬†Is this really necessary? ¬†I saw they had a 30 day FREE trial (I LOVE free) so I thought, ok, why not see what it’s all about. ¬†They do ask for credit card info as well as debiting a dollar and then crediting said dollar to ensure the credit card account is active (No big deal since they credit it right back). ¬†I started browsing the lists and I was incredibly impressed. ¬†I am usually pretty good at coming up with every list you can think of, but this took lists to another level.

They have lists you can print, and lists you can manage online.  I love that they have both, it appeals to both those who are pencil and paper fanatics and those who prefer the use of technology.  I think I spent 2 hours going over various blogging lists, business lists, financial lists, family lists, and home lists.  It is definitely worth checking out.  If you want to remain a member and able to get printable and online lists you pay just 5.00 a month.  This has every list from meal planning and grocery shopping to holiday events and financial dealings.  In my opinion it is definitely worth the 5.00 a month.  What lists would you like??? 

So, Now for the trying times. ¬†Who can relate??? We are going through the terrible twos right now, well we actually have been for a while, but, now it’s getting “serious” ¬†I have recently started sticking to my word (in other words, when I say “do it one more time” and she does it one more time, I take action). ¬†So, I have been giving her “time-outs”. ¬†They aren’t long, but wow you would swear it was the END of the world. ¬†I gave her a time out last night, and all I could hear from her room was. (gibberish) “Nuggies” (more gibberish) “fun” (louder gibberish) “mommy”. ¬†I am assuming her version of “talking back”??? ¬†Wow at 22 months we are in for a LOOONG haul when she get to actually talk in full sentences. ¬†Does anyone else deal with gibberish back talk??? ¬†Maybe I can find a list on List Planit to help?

*This was NOT a sponsored post.  I received No compensation for this post, it was solely my own review for my readers enjoyment and information.




Welcome MAY


Happy May 1st.

So excited about this month. ¬†The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and BBQ stuff is on sale!!! Yes, this is an amazing month. ¬†Mother’s day is 10 short days away, Memorial Day weekend is less than a month away, and the Indy 500 is calling our name. ¬†It is also going to be an A-MAY-ZING month on this here blog. ¬†I have 2 giveaways already planned, and a few other fun things up my sleeve. ¬†Who is ready to start celebrating summer??? ¬†Stay Tuned you won’t want to miss a single post this month.


Top 5 Ways to Relax


I wrote yesterday about my dealings with mental illness, So today, I figured I would give you my Top 5 ways I like to relax. ¬†These are my personal top 5 faves. ¬†So let’s begin

  1. Enjoying a good cup of coffee. ¬†This is one of my favorites. ¬†It doesn’t take long to make a cup (or pot) of coffee, and I can instantly relax while taking in the aroma and flavor of the coffee as it melts away tension (well, sort of)
  2. Taking a nice hot bath or shower.  There is something comforting about warm (hot) water that relaxes me.  I am by myself, which means I can think about the day, plan the next day, or just sit and relax.
  3. Thank Goodness for warmer weather.  I love to just sit outside and watch the birds, the squirrels, and sometimes the deer that come into the back area.  Sitting on the balcony is peaceful and relaxing.
  4. Taking the dog for a walk. ¬†Another good warmer weather one. ¬†The dog and I just walk. ¬†I stop “thinking” open my eyes and ears and take in all that is around me. ¬†Great way to forget about stressful situations
  5. My last way to relax is… Tickling my kiddos. ¬†Sometimes I think as adults we get to serious about life. ¬†Yes, we are trying to raise young men and women that will become productive members of society, but every now and then… just let loose, and have some fun.


These are MY top 5 ways to relax.  What are some ways you relax?