Top 5 Ways to Relax


I wrote yesterday about my dealings with mental illness, So today, I figured I would give you my Top 5 ways I like to relax.  These are my personal top 5 faves.  So let’s begin

  1. Enjoying a good cup of coffee.  This is one of my favorites.  It doesn’t take long to make a cup (or pot) of coffee, and I can instantly relax while taking in the aroma and flavor of the coffee as it melts away tension (well, sort of)
  2. Taking a nice hot bath or shower.  There is something comforting about warm (hot) water that relaxes me.  I am by myself, which means I can think about the day, plan the next day, or just sit and relax.
  3. Thank Goodness for warmer weather.  I love to just sit outside and watch the birds, the squirrels, and sometimes the deer that come into the back area.  Sitting on the balcony is peaceful and relaxing.
  4. Taking the dog for a walk.  Another good warmer weather one.  The dog and I just walk.  I stop “thinking” open my eyes and ears and take in all that is around me.  Great way to forget about stressful situations
  5. My last way to relax is… Tickling my kiddos.  Sometimes I think as adults we get to serious about life.  Yes, we are trying to raise young men and women that will become productive members of society, but every now and then… just let loose, and have some fun.


These are MY top 5 ways to relax.  What are some ways you relax?


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