You Know You’re A Mom Of A Toddler When…

I was sitting here pondering what to write my next post about, then, it hit me…   So without further ado, let’s begin

You know you’re a mom of a toddler when:

  1. You hear a song on the radio you use to love, but somehow forgot the words to.  Then the newest song sensation from Disney comes on the radio, and you can sing it by heart.
  2. You look for ways to make “nuggies” (Chicken nuggets) include more of the basic food groups.
  3. Your house looks like a tornado went through a toy store 5 minutes after you “just cleaned”.
  4. The word “No” seems to dominate your vocabulary.
  5. You are mastering the art of translating gibberish.
  6. You have started leaving the bathroom door open, (seeing hands under the door is just plain creepy).
  7. Your idea of “me time” is a long hot shower (you get to close the door and not have to see those creepy hands) 🙂
  8. You settle most of the time, however, for a super quick shower before the kids wake up.
  9. You don’t dare use words like “going” or “Bye bye” unless you want to hear “Go bye bye???” for the next 10 hours.
  10. When you do return home, there is a steady line of clothing as your toddler strips back down to his/her diaper.
  11. Last, but not least, you find yourself with washable marker tattoos.

2013-01-22 04.43.291.jpg


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