Teaching Kids About Money

What an Awesome idea for teaching kids the value of money. We will definitely be adding this to our “To Do List” for when the kiddo’s get older.

A Toolbox For Dad

Give a kid $1 bill they are happy… Give a kid 100 pennies… they think they are a millionaire. No matter how much they have or what they think they have, there is a principle of saving, giving and spending that needs to be taught a early age. I taught my oldest when she was 7. I taught her the practice of dividing any money she gets into 3 groups. Give, Save, Spend. I was pretty hard on her at first, saying 10% for giving, 20% for Saving and the rest for Spending. I eased up on that over time and I just want something to go into each jar. I do watch to make sure that more than 2 pennies goes into Give and Save…From time to time I would give one of my daughters a handful of change. My oldest now automatically separates the change in the groups of…

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