Tales of Toddlerhood: Picture Day

Welcome to the new chapter of our life.  If you are new to our family, I encourage you to stay a while and see how hilarious our life can be.  If you are coming over here from our previous chapter (The Fine Art of Jugglery) Nice to see ya again, please make yourselves at home and jump back in 🙂

So, Toddlerhood… OH Toddlerhood.  We have plenty of tales about this topic.  Kira has been quite the busy little girl lately, and I can’t wait to share some of the new pics and stories with you all.  Today’s Toddlerhood Tale is all about picture day.  When Kira was a baby I took so many pictures of her.  There was rarely a day when my camera was not in hand, documenting some “new” milestone… “Oh, look, She is smiling while looking to the right today”  Yes, I was (almost) THAT bad.  Enter child 2, now we are lucky to get 4 or 5 pics a month in.  sadly enough, There really isn’t enough hours in the day to handle everything, however, the pictures are GOING to happen.


I took this picture about 3 weeks ago.  Kira looks so proud to be holding her little sister, and it wasn’t until I saw that look that I realized I need more pics of them, of Brianna of Kira as she is growing up.  I need more memories, and they need pictures to look back on.  So, now at least once every 2 weeks we do a “Picture Day”


This was just the first.  I also took pics of them in “Easter” Dresses.  This go around, no one wanted to have pics taken, and this made for some frustration, but also so Super cute pics (I can say that now that actually taking them is done).



Yep that about sums up “Picture Days” in our crazy house.  What do you do to help get awesome pictures of your kids?  We’d love to hear your tips.  Maybe you have a crazy story like ours while trying to take pics, comment about it below.


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