Tales of Toddlerhood: Blessings in Disguise

As I sit here, watching my toddler run around and terrorize my house, I realize just how blessed we really are.  I have my share of days where I feel like I NEED order in our lives, and while this morning when she woke up I told her right away that we needed to get some of her toys out of the living room (they literally made an even covering over part of the floor), they also remind me that we are blessed that she has so much to play with. 

I have my days where toddlerhood saps the life out of me.  Days where it takes every bit of energy just to keep my eyes open, but thinking about the excitement and curiosity of a toddler tends to take me to a whole new place.  A place where every thing is new and exciting, a place that helps me to gain some energy and patience and allow her to explore more.

We have been so blessed that every day we wake up to a new day to spend as a family.  We get a chance to help our kids explore, discover and play.  Toddlerhood is trying for sure, but it is a blessing all the same.


My Toddler ❤


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